Unconditional Responsibility

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Unconditional Responsibility is the philosophy that awakens the thought that you have the power to design your life of happiness, health and success through service to others.

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This breakthrough book has the power to shift paradigms and gives readers the tools necessary to operate at their highest potential. Chapter 1 will teach you how to master your thoughts through simple thought-training exercises that you can implement right away.

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Our flexible packages fit a wide spectrum of audiences that are seeking accelerated growth, from full executive teams to individuals ready to change. Dr. Chris Neibauer's contagious energy awakens inner greatness and inspires audiences to create a life they love by teaching the Seven Core Principles of Unconditional Responsibility.

Human Nature: Understanding Others & Yourself Through Unconditional Responsibility
Park City, Utah


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Unconditional Responsibility

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This book is a catalyst for change. It's the first domino in a chain reaction that will change the way you think and live. Unconditional Responsibility gives you the power to take control of your life today, so you can experience a lifetime of happiness and success.

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