The Philosophy

Unconditional Responsibility is limitless

It’s a mindset of action that leads to success. It is the way one believes and behaves when operating at their highest potential, giving their greatest service, and fulfilling their personal purpose. Unconditional Responsibility awakens the thought that you have the power to design a life of happiness, health, and success through service to others.

100% Accountability

Unconditional Responsibility is a philosophy that says: “I am 100% accountable for what occurs in my life. I take responsibility for what surrounds me and for how successful or unsuccessful I am, or will become, personally and professionally.”

UCR never attacks or criticizes others. It never blames or points to external circumstances as excuses for what we don’t like in our lives. UCR holds at its foundation that we are fully capable of manifesting our dreams, goals, and aspirations while living healthy, prosperous lives while serving others.

Your life is determined by your philosophy. If you do not have a solid philosophy, your life will default to unhappiness, sickness, and financial struggles.

7 paths

  1. Master Your Thoughts

    Your thoughts determine your destiny. They are your creative power. Visualize and create your future by mastering your thoughts. Change your thoughts; change your life.
  2. Identify Your Purpose

    Pinpoint the talents and passions you possess. Once you are living your life’s purpose, satisfaction and success will follow.
  3. Develop Self-Discipline

    Self-discipline is the core driver of Unconditional Responsibility. It strengthens every other principle. It’s also learnable. At any point, self-control can be exercised and expanded.
  4. Take Action Daily

    Visualize the future but take massive action in the present. Move forward with what you can do now from right where you are.
  5. Get Out Of Your Own Way

    Open your mind to new possibilities. Remove the limits you place on yourself. Seek out and embrace feedback. You need other people and their perspectives.
  6. Embrace a Mindset of Urgency

    A sense of urgency super-charges you to achieve and succeed through focus and action. Remember, others need your service and action.
  7. Serve Others

    In order to have it all, you must give it all in service to others. Your true purpose will inevitably lead you into a mindset of service.
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